Begins at 2:10 pm

Flagpole Walkers are not the same as Car Riders. Of course the traffic will be slower the first few days of school, but it will get better. Your child is only considered a Car Rider if you drive your car through the correct loop at the school (Miller Rd. for PreK-K and Alice Dr. for 1st-5th). When you drive through the loop, your child will be called from the classroom (if the proper tag is displayed). No one should park their car on our campus and get out to get their child.

If you wish to pick up your child on foot, then your child is considered a Flagpole Walker, not a Car Rider. You can park at Westminster Presbyterian Church and walk over if needed. If your child is listed as a Flagpole Walker, then they will exit in a group around 2:10.

If your child is listed as a car rider, then your child will be sitting in class until you drive through the car rider line in your vehicle.



Begins at 7:00 am

All 1st through 5th grade students should be dropped off and picked up at the circular drive on Alice Dr. Pre-K and Kindergarten students should be dropped off and picked up at the circular drive on Miller Road. For safety reasons, parents are asked not to drop off a child on Reynolds Road, at the sidewalk to the left of the main entrance, in the parking lot, or behind the school. Only parents who need to enter the school building can park in the parking lots in front of the school.

For walkers, we ask that all parents and students utilize our sidewalks at all times and do not walk through the traffic flow. The parking lot at Westminster Presbyterian Church may be used if additional parking is needed.