Wee Deliver Addresses 2021-2022

Alice Drive Elementary School’s Post Office is up and running!! Your child has the opportunity to write letters to any student or staff member at school.  Parents, you can write to your children too. Look for the link to all the school’s addresses on our web site.  There will be a basket in the office where you can drop off your letter marked Wee Deliver.  You may use a sticker for a stamp or draw a stamp on your letter.   The third grade postal workers will collect the mail each Friday morning to process and deliver the next week.

The goals of Wee Deliver are as follows:

  • To provide children with real-life experiences in which to apply basic skills such as:

*writing letters

*using the mail system

*addressing an envelope

*using zip codes

*locating street addresses and using punctuation appropriate for text and addressing.

  •         To unify the student body through a student centered school-wide communication system
  •         To provide a vehicle for students to use their writing skills
  •         To teach job interviewing skills and develop an awareness of career opportunities
  •         To develop a sense of responsibility
  •         To improve language arts skills
  •         To foster teamwork
  •         To form community partnerships and encourage support of school programs.