ADE 2017 SC READY & SC PASS Schedule

May 2, 2017 SC READY ELA 3rd-5th

May 3, 2017 SC READY ELA 2 3rd-5th

May 4, 2017 SC READY Math 3rd-5th

May 9th SC READY ELA Field Test

May 10, SC PASS Science 4th-5th

May 11 SC PASS Social Studies 4th-5th

May 12th-May 26th SC READY and SC PASS Make-Up Days

Examples of the types of test questions that will appear on the SC READY ELA and mathematics tests can be found in the Online Tools Training (OTT) at the following website (using Google Chrome):

         SC READY/SC PASS Online Tools Tutorial:

         SC READY/SC PASS Resources: